Our Core
We are a digital music marketing consultancy.

We’re experts in helping artists and labels to build successful careers using intelligent digital marketing and a range of cutting edge music
technology services.

We understand the needs of musicians and labels in the digital age and we’ll help you increase your streamings and grow your fan base.
to take the best advantage of the digital world opportunities, knowledge and experience are essential
That’s what we have to offer, a high performance team.
A ceo who holds a unique expertise:
thiago machado
A proven track record at Google and Spotify (+10 Years).

Services provided for several major record labels, independent labels and artists.

Recognized as a benchmark globally at Spotify.

Advanced technology, digital platforms and marketing knowledge.
what we do
We have unique expertise to help you grow your audience on digital streaming services like Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Instagram/Facebook & TikTok.

We manage your copyrights on YouTube and  maximize your revenues.

We develop your CRM  intelligence to grow your fan base.

We make the best use of music analytics to help you develop your career.

We explore new communication channels on TikTok, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
How We Do It
We take your goals and unique sound into account, and get to know you on a personal level.

We carefully strategize your digital marketing presence to boost your next release.

We plan your ideal paid promotion efforts on various platforms.

We analyze results and generate actionable insights, helping you increase your reach and expand your audience.

We continuously explore new opportunities and technologies that can influence your marketing.
flexibility to serve customers of all
sizes and kinds
Major Record Labels
Independent Labels
Artist Management Companies
Music Artists
let's do this
We will make a great team.
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